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The Suicide Squad

So I have HBO Max and I figured why not watch this last weekend? I mean…Idris Elba, right?

It’s not the most awful thing I’ve ever seen. Again…Idris Elba. I actually enjoyed Harley Quinn more this time around. But they killed Flag? WTF?? Where will I get my bland male lead quota filled in the future?

Oh well. I’ll make due with Idris Elba, I guess. The sacrifices I make…

The tone was so off, I hated it. The shock value stuff was all shit no sugar and someone should tell James Gunn you can have unredeemable assholes still be likable. See: Doom Patrol.

Also if you haven’t seen Harley Quinn on HBO Max, that’s the HQ to get behind.


I second Harley Quinn.


I did not hate it. It exceeded my expectations, actually. The tone wasn’t quite right – I especially am baffled as to how that John Cena character is supposed to be spun off into anything watchable, BUT the plot was pretty tight, especially compared to the flabby marvel stuff.

Not high-tier material, but a decent summer blockbuster.