Through Methods

September 1988 Teen Life: Racism, Boarding School & Talking Toes

Sassy ‘s first back-to-school issue makes a few major missteps: a feature called “Living With Racism” whose white author relentlessly others her interview subjects, all young women of color; and an imbecilic fiction story from premiere issue Justine Bateman harasser John Elder. But “Where The Boys Aren’t,” about the all-girl boarding school Emma Willard, leaves at least one of your co-hosts yearning for some single-sex scholastics. Then we go On The Road to Lexington, where Sassy is disabused of some of its hick stereotypes; get an It Happened To Me from a girl whose house was used as a Rain Man shooting location; hear What He Said about female athletes (and, as usual, wish we hadn’t); and take a trip through the feelings being expressed in Stuff You Wrote. All this plus an itchy Body Talk and a typically squicky Help in our latest episode!

This artwork is currently on its way to the Smithsonian.