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Johannes Bassoon Musical Game Ideas

Hi all who are reading this (if anyone…is anyone ON these forums?),

Writing on behalf of my pal Johannes Bassoon. He’s struggling to think of fun ideas for musical projects that we can turn into games. Stuff in the vein of our 8-Bit musical games, player piano style HBO themes, the recent Vangelis round, and major-to-minor TV theme songs. What are the crazy pop culture concepts you’d love to hear him tackle?


@TaylorSCole Just a handful of testers most of which seem to be lookyloos. But soon! SOON!

But to offer some ideas: some variety of metal or punk? Hateful freeform jazz? Big band?

Um, Actually does a game called “Once More Without Feeling” where they read the lyrics to a theme song as flatly and blandly as possible and you have to name the show.

I wonder if you could do something equivalent for instrumentals, like you play the notes of the melody, but they’re all quarter-notes.

Would disco-fying themes like Meco obscure them enough to make a good game? Or go super-high-brow, and play them as if they were written by Stockhausen for a prepared piano?

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What about played poorly on the recorder? Anyone have a third grader just learning how to play? I’m thinking in the vein of the EHG nonac music. You can tell what it is, but it’s bad.