Through Methods

Dorothy Sayers

Lord Peter Whimsey & all his posh ridiculous crew. Sayers was my gateway into Agatha Christie so I’ve always had a soft spot for these books. I started with Clouds of Witness & then skipped to my favorite Strong Poison & then Murder Must Advertise. Now I’m reading Unnatural Death.

All of these books have the issues of their times the class issues, racism, and anti-semitism is all there in varying degrees. I think they can be read at least as classics of their genre and basis of our mysteries to date. A good conversation can be had about how some of the good AND bad tropes have carried forwards.

They’ve definitely been a comfort read for me as I haven’t revisited them since I was a kid.
Here are the rest of the books and the asterisk denotes my particular favorites.

Hit me up to let me know if you enjoyed or want to yell at me!

Busman’s Honeymoon
The Documents in the Case
The Five Red Herrings*
Gaudy Night*
Hangman’s Holiday
Have His Carcase*
In the Teeth of the Evidence
Lord Peter Views the Body

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