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367: Mr. Corman's Existential Crisis

Kamille Washington of the Unfriendly Black Hotties podcast is back to discuss Mr. Corman , a (possibly too) slow-building show about a musician turned grade-school teacher/anxiety sufferer and his angst. Did star/producer/crafty coordinator Joseph Gordon-Levitt take on too many jobs – and not enough fresh story? Why couldn’t the show be about Arturo Castro’s character? And can we look forward to a Debra Wingeraissance? We went Around The Dial with First Wives Club 's second season, FBoy Island , Real Housewives Of Potomac , CNBC crime shows, and UFO ; then Courtney and Craig asked us which TV characters are the most likely to vape obnoxiously (and none of us had any trouble answering). We conferred on whether a New Girl episode was adorkable enough for the Canon, then declared a Winner and a Loser of the week before finding out whether a superpowered Game Time was our kryptonite. Get your sneakers off the couch and listen to an all-new Extra Hot Great.

Show Topics

  • Mr. Corman
  • ATD: First Wives Club
  • ATD: FBoy Island
  • ATD: Real Housewives Of Potomac
  • ATD: Super Heists
  • ATD: Money Court
  • ATD: UFO
  • Extra Credit: Who Here Vapes?
  • The Canon: New Girl S02.E15: Cooler
  • Winner and Loser of the Week
  • Game Time: Alter Egos

Show Notes