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1am phone calls

In the apartment I grew up in there is an actual bell on the baseboard, behind a bookcase in the dining room, that rings when the phone rings. So even with modern (well, AT&T Trimlines, modern for 1988) phones that you can easily turn off, that thing will ring and it is LOUD. I don’t recall getting many 1 am calls from my friends but if I did they would definitely have woken everyone up. I’ve been spending more time there recently and my mom still has a landline and gets a ton of robocalls and every time the phone rings I jump.


I guess everyone in the building knew when anyone else was getting a call? The notion the ringing comes from a location away from the phone is oddly troubling to me.

I don’t think it’s THAT loud, and it’s an interior wall. I think partly it’s so startling now because it’s not an electronic sound. It seems like an alarm. I guess you’re meant to put the phone near it. Back in the day you probably had to, before it was easy to run a cord from Radio Shack yourself.

You have PPTSD, you just haven’t come to grips about it.

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